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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Della The Duck

Della the duck was a beautiful sight
From her soft downy breast to her tail feathers white.

Oh! She was darling. Oh! She was sweet.
She could sweep a poor drake right off of his feet.

With a waddle ‘come hither’ and a shake of her tail
She’d lure the males in, every time, without fail.

But one day she met her match in Old Bill
Who said he cared nothing for feathers and frill.
I want a duck with some brains in her head!
Who entices with intellect, only then will I wed!

The challenge was on
A question was posed
Bill asked, Are ducks real,
Or is life just supposed?

If we all swim in circles,
Pond life but a dream,
How can we exist?
Do you see what I mean?

I quack therefore I am!
Della replied with some glee.
Now quit your pontificating
Come marry me!

Bill rushed to her side
His heart all a twaddle
They married right quick
Two shakes and a waddle.

And so they lived happily
Della Duck and Old Bill
Quipping and quacking
With style and skill.

Note: "I think therefore I am," philosophical quote from Rene Descartes.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Kids Grow Up

Kids grow up, of course they do, but I bet to most parents it still comes as a shock. I know it has to me. What happened to that little toddler who's hand I'd hold as we walked to the park, me singing  While Strolling Through the Park One Day, him dutifully joining in on the, Ahhhhh...

Or the baby girl who would continue to nurse as I ran after her brother, one hand outstretched to catch him if he fell?

They've grown so fast. And when I found out the city was going to tear out the old play structures and replace them with something new, I grabbed my camera and we ran to the park, taking photos at all our favorite spots. It struck me hard that my kids had grown out of the play area around the same time they were going to tear it down.

A few days later, when the city had enclosed the play area behind a protective fence, I peered through in the drizzling rain, tearing up as I remembered how my children played when they were small. The scene could have been right out of a corny movie.

But I'm lucky to have those memories, and so lucky to have my kids by my side right now, growing older and more wonderful each day. I wouldn't go back, I just had to say goodbye.

Epilogue: The new play structures they're bringing in are really cool. One of them is a huge lizard that I can already imagine kids climbing on and embracing, little arms around its neck.