Thursday, August 7, 2014

Intangibles - Missing in Action

If you think that crabs just eat algae, or bacteria, tiny crustaceans or mollusks, you are wrong. Crabs actually eat human intangibles - bona fides that are missing in action. For instance, if you peer closely you might see the ly that is missing from Apple's "Think different" campaign. It is lying on the crab's left. Next to that is another ly, the one that is missing from the phrase, "Drive safe." Hidden under the seaweed to his right is the phrase, "You're welcome," which is the proper answer to "Thank you."

I've always wondered where those things went, those intangibles that should exist but somehow missed their chance. Did they disappear? Were they swallowed? Did they blow away like a puff of smoke? But now I know the answer - they washed to the ocean then floated down - like the detritus of our best intentions - to the sea floor to be eaten by crabs.

Look up! Floating down to us is a joke that fell flat, and over there is the missing compliment - fished for, but not reeled in. Oh there's one that's hard to see, a singer's perfectly pitched note! And here's one that's most elusive - eye contact with a texting teenager! And what are we standing on? Some crabs are nibbling at our toes; let's step away. Oh wow, we were standing on a huge pile of children's wasted playtime - wiped out by screen time. What a shame . . .

Can you see any more intangible "bona fides" that I missed? Please comment below - I'm sure there are many. :-)