Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Valley

This realization helped me when I was grieving the death of my baby boy many years ago. . .

    Now I know what the Valley Of The Shadow Of Death is. But I am more comfortable in the valley then out in the world where everything is moving so fast and people talk too loudly and the lights are harsh and bright.  They want you to engage and converse and try hard to pull you in.  You have to buy groceries and make choices and try to function even though you've become an alien in an uncompromising world.
    I'd rather be in the valley, where it's quiet and I can breathe and cry and scream without scaring anyone but myself; then feel comforted by the darkness settling over me and possibly the loving touch of my angel son.
    I will stay in the valley until I am ready to come out; but I would be glad of a friend to come down and spend a little time with me.


Anonymous said...

Very touching! I hope you find the solace you are looking for. Your words are very moving!

Karen Gough said...

Thank you! I have found many years of solace with my family. I just felt like writing this down - most bereaved people go through a stage of feeling so lost. It's hard to understand if you haven't been there.