Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Variations On A Nightmare

     It's been many years since my last piano recital but I still get variations on the same nightmare . .

I have to play a senior recital but I realize I've forgotten to practice - for the last year!  There's one more chance for me to practice so I sit down at the piano, but I can't remember any of my pieces.   Maybe if I get out the music.  Yes, good idea!  But I can't read the notes, they're all blurry and they won't stay still.  Then the sheet music falls off the stand.  I look over and see my professor and some students sitting on stadium style benches in a dark room.  My professor has a bemused expression on his face.  I look back at the music, still can't read it.  I look down at my hands, what keys are they on?  Then I realize I'm wearing a long shirt that's tucked under my rear.  I hope it covers me because I'm not wearing any pants!
Ahhggg!  Wake up!

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