Thursday, March 20, 2014

Showing Off

Blue Footed Boobys, Kauai

"Would you look at him, showing off again."
"He is rather impressive."
"Oh hell, anyone could do that. I could do that!"
"Well, why don't you then?"
"I would, but I'm pretty tired -gathering all that nesting material for you."
"Hmph, I bet."
"What's he always coming around here for anyway? Have you been making eyes at him?"
"Of course not! But a girl can look can't she, as you've always said when those chicks go flocking by. I've seen them clacking their little beaks at you."
"Oh that's not true. I never give them a second look, sweetie."
"Hmph. Well anyway, I wasn't really admiring that guy's wing span, I was wishing he'd get out of our territory. I'm trying to nest here!"
"Next time he comes by, I'll chase him away for you. I'll show him. Thinks he can fly around here spreading his tail feathers. .  He's got another think coming!"
"That's right honey; you tell him! We've got a nest to build and I have some eggs to lay . . "
"But won't you miss seeing him?"
"Nope. I've got all the man I need, right here in you."
"Oh sweetie, it's only ever been you. Plus, you're going to be the mother of our chicks! What more could a bird want?"
"Oh honey - I love you."
"I love you too." (mutual head and beak rub).

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