Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Della The Duck

Della the duck was a beautiful sight
From her soft downy breast to her tail feathers white.

Oh! She was darling. Oh! She was sweet.
She could sweep a poor drake right off of his feet.

With a waddle ‘come hither’ and a shake of her tail
She’d lure the males in, every time, without fail.

But one day she met her match in Old Bill
Who said he cared nothing for feathers and frill.
I want a duck with some brains in her head!
Who entices with intellect, only then will I wed!

The challenge was on
A question was posed
Bill asked, Are ducks real,
Or is life just supposed?

If we all swim in circles,
Pond life but a dream,
How can we exist?
Do you see what I mean?

I quack therefore I am!
Della replied with some glee.
Now quit your pontificating
Come marry me!

Bill rushed to her side
His heart all a twaddle
They married right quick
Two shakes and a waddle.

And so they lived happily
Della Duck and Old Bill
Quipping and quacking
With style and skill.

Note: "I think therefore I am," philosophical quote from Rene Descartes.


Anonymous said...

Cute humorous doggerel.

fototaker Tony said...

Awww...... well-written and so true to Nature and Life in general. If only humans could be so simple.... sigh

Karen Gough said...

Thanks Dad!

Karen Gough said...

Glad you enjoyed it - thanks fototaker!