Thursday, October 29, 2015

Film Noir Tombstones

There's Always A Sucker . .

I made my own Halloween tombstones with supplies from Michael's craft store. I didn't want them to have the usual epitaphs, so I chose some common phrases that might help depict a story or a film noir movie.

. . And A Femme Fatalle . .
I made the tombstones using thin sheets of Styrofoam because they were easy for me to cut and they looked more like stone. But if I had to do it again; I would use thin plywood and get them cut to shape, that way they would be less fragile. I hope my tombstones last because those little craft supplies really add up!

. . And A Mystery
I glued a wooden stake to the back of the tombstone (using Styrofoam glue) and reinforced it with duct tape. I hope it holds!

Another Reason Wooden Tombstones Might Be Better - You Can Nail In The Stakes!

I Used A Straight Shovel To Make A Wedge In The Grass, Then Pushed In The Stake.

Here are the steps I took to make the tombstones:

First I cut them to size by tracing around a curved object, a pool kickboard makes a good pattern if you have one.
Second I glued on my choice of decorations - vintage flowers, wooden cutouts and a Halloween bat.
Third I spray painted the tombstones (two coats) and let them dry overnight.
Fourth I used a stencil to trace letters on the tombstones which I then painted (using three-dimensional paint). Again I let everything dry overnight.
Last I attached the stakes (using styrofoam glue and duct tape) and sprayed the decorated side with a protective varnish. I let them dry overnight.

Personally, My Hand Writing Is Terrible - I Need Stencils!

Make Sure You Use Outdoor Acrylic Paint And Spray

One more thing, my bat was actually a sticker that didn't stick very well. But it was okay; I peeled it off after the tombstone had been painted and it left a nice white imprint of the bat.

Maybe Next Year I'll Add A Couple More Behind These.

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Happy Halloween!

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